Ethical Statement

Our collection is made with recycled hides from the meat industry.  All our hides are simply a bi-product of this industry as with all leather goods such as shoes, boots, jackets, furniture in leather and many other products that are all sourced as a bi-product of the meat industry. 

We have guarantees from our suppliers that the animals are bred for meat consumption, not for their hides and are treated and slaughtered in a responsible way, following all the legal instructions. The Government also does regular checks in order to make sure all the processes are humane. 

All of the hides are treated with biological products, so the hide keeps its natural look and feel. Schipp & Brown would never knowingly sell a product that had been miss-treated in any way and would not sell any hides unless they were simply a waste product that would only be discarded unless we used them to up-cycle in a resourceful way.  


All our bags can be cleaned with a gentle solution of washing powder and water.